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Bradley S.

Parent of a 3rd Grader

“The Bristow Center will give you hope again!”

Before finding the Bristow Center, our family was floundering. Through four frustrating years, our daughter's problem behaviors persisted and were escalating despite the interventions of numerous medical and educational professionals. We felt hopeless and out of options, but luckily, we stumbled across an advertisement for the Bristow Center.

The Bristow’s are very family oriented and support parents and siblings just as they do the children in their care. From our first interactions with Bari and Morgan Bristow, we knew we were finally communicating with people who speak the language of parenting a child with problem behaviors. More importantly, Bari and Morgan know how to get through to our daughter in the way that she best understands and teaches us how to do the same at home. 

The changes we have seen over the past two months would have been unthinkable prior to finding the Bristow Center. The sweet kid that we used to know has begun to re-emerge. She has noticeably incorporated the lessons learned at Bristow into her daily life, handling many stressful situations independently, as well as effectively communicating her thoughts and feelings to others.

We still have some distance to go on the road ahead, but through the Bristow Center, we know that there is indeed a finish line and that with their help, we will learn how to get there.

Jeannine R.

Parent of a 4th Grader

“Thank you again for being you!”

The Bristow Center was recommended to me for my son who was having some social issues at school.  I must admit it took me a few weeks to call because I hesitated.  After two plus years of trying to find an answer to our social hurdle I wasn’t looking forward to coming up empty again.  No matter how hard we have tried we have all lost a little something along the way.  

When I finally gained the courage Morgan answered my call she was eager to talk to me and I felt a connection to what was missing. I exhaled for the first time in a long time.  From the moment I engaged with the Bristow Center I felt that my family and I were important and vital to their program when usually it is the other way around.  

When we showed up for the consultation appointment, I was nervous for both my son and I and was met by the most beautiful and personable leader Bari. She has a masterful personality and is truly passionate and loves what she does.  The center is beautiful and immaculate.  It has a vibe that screams come on in!  Bari made an instant connection with my son.  I knew that it was going to be the beginning of an answer I had been looking for a long time.  

My son was skipping and giggling with glee at the end of our consult because I know he felt something special there too.  Don’t be like me and wait to make that call… skip to the phone like our kids would.  Take a chance, there are a group of Mentors waiting for your family like they were for us.

Michelle B.

Parent of a Kindergartener

“I am so thankful we found the Bristow Center!”

My daughter loves the Bristow center! Everyone there is so wonderful. Bari, Morgan and all the mentors are so loving, knowledgeable, and helpful. The program my daughter is in has helped her tremendously at home and at school. She can center her emotions and has learned valuable skills to help build friendships with her peers and to better understand how to handle frustrating situations. Each new theme is clearly explained to the parents weekly so they can be reinforced at home. All the valuable social skills she is learning are helpful now and will carry on throughout her life. I am so thankful we found the Bristow Center!

Rebecca L.

Parent of a Preschooler

“My son has blossomed…”

The Bristow Center is a newly opened treasure and we are so happy to have found this special gem. With a positive and welcoming environment, the Bristow Center nurtures and guides children and their families through practical social skill development. My son has blossomed under the guidance of owner, Bari Bristow, and her wonderful team of professionals. From increased eye contact to understanding the implicit rules of conversation and relationship-building...Bristow Center does it all!

Sonja B.

Parent of a 9th Grader

“The Bristow Center has been a blessing for our family.”

The Bristow Center has been a blessing for our family. My first encounter with Bari Bristow seemed like an answer to a prayer. My daughter has social anxiety. She has difficulty connecting with peers and has had difficulty connecting with professional therapists. At the Bristow Center, however, this issue is non-existent. The physical space of the center has a modern decor and rooms are designed for different age groups.

My daughter describes the space as relaxing and having a happy feel. Bari and the mentors are caring, invested and passionate about working with kids. During our first consultation, Bari met with me to learn about my daughter from my perspective and to obtain a history and understanding of my concerns.  My daughter spent time getting acquainted with Morgan Bristow and was immediately at ease with her and excited about attending classes.

My daughter says Morgan and Jessica create a safe environment for learning skills that she can readily put into practice. My daughter has been in group therapy settings and individual therapeutic settings in the past but she did not feel she was making progress with her social anxiety. The social skills classes at the Bristow Center, on the other hand, have made a difference. We highly recommend the Bristow Center.

Karen Z.

Parent of a Preschooler

“I have finally found a place that accepts my son for who he is…”

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Bristow Center and everyone who works there. After months of tears and frustrations with different settings, I have finally found a place that accepts my son for who he is, celebrates him, and gives him the tools to be successful in group settings.

Bari and her team not only support him endlessly during sessions, but also go above and beyond to advocate for him outside of the center. While they are incredible with him, they also take the time to educate me and my husband on how to best incorporate his lessons into daily life. We are so incredibly grateful for The Bristow Center and can’t wait to see how far our son will go because of them.

Press Release

Family-owned learning center brings a much-needed refresh to child social development programming

Certified School Psychologist Bari Bristow has launched the Bristow Center in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. After 33 years in public education and advocacy for families, she discovered that many children evidence social developmental gaps and are struggling with peer interactions and at an increasing rate...

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