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Helping to Enhance Your Students' Social Skills

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Helping to Enhance Your Students Social Skills

Bristow Center for Community Professionals

Mental and physical health are fundamentally correlated, and strong social skills can boost positive mental health. We happily work with professionals in these areas to benefit children.

Our programs supplement traditional therapies by developing strategies which connect holistically to the child’s physical and mental wellness.

We want to work with you to offer additional opportunities for the young people in your care to develop their social skills -- which will lead to better outcomes for all.

Bristow Center for Educators

The Bristow Center works with educators to support and develop the social skills young people need in school and in life. Through the Bristow Center’s unique program, children will demonstrate

* Increased on-task behavior in the classroom
* Decreased behavioral outbursts
* Improved problem solving skills

We serve any child -- classified or unclassified -- looking to build their social-emotional foundation that will carry them through adulthood.

Why partner with us?

Our slogan ''Be Social" fully embodies our mission. We want to work with educators, physicians, and therapists to help transform children’s lives.

We are members of a team -- a team that proactively support children and their families in all aspects of health and wellness, including the development of strong social skills.

Our partnership will help young people become their best selves imaginable.

Talk to Bari Bristow

About the Bristow Center

The Bristow Center’s mission is to transform lives by helping children develop key social skills in a safe, controlled, and fun environment.

At the Bristow Center, we offer structured group classes in which children of all developmental stages and abilities learn to self-advocate. They also become aware of self-regulation and learn to read everyday social nuances both in and out of the classroom -- and at home.

In this unique setting, children practice their new skills with peers under the guidance of our certified mentors.

About Bari Bristow

Bari Bristow, our Founder and COO, has over 33 years of experience working as a certified School Psychologist. In 2020, she received the Governor’s Teacher/Child Study Team Advocate Award.

She has worked in both public and private school systems, and her expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis and Applied Cognitive Behavior approaches has made her powerful advocate for both children and their families.

Her evidence-based research and experience has led her to create the Bristow Center, providing essential services to the children and families in her community and beyond. It can serve as a much-needed liaison between families, educators, and diagnosticians.

Talk to Bari Bristow
Talk to Bari BristowDownload PDF

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