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Our Mission:

We believe education serves the purpose of preparing children with the tools necessary to lead well rounded ,happy and purposeful lives. To accomplish this in modern day, one needs a strong set of social skills, and this has become the one area of development that is in need of support. The Bristow Center serves one mission and that is to ensure that we fill in the gap by teaching the skill sets to equip all children with the core social skills they need to foster strong communication and better relationships in all areas of their lives!

I have worked closely with families, schools and diagnosticians throughout my career. I advocate for children in that “Evidence based research and experience has CONVINCED ME that social skills can be taught! On the heels of COVID, we as a society now know how fragile social emotional development can be. My passion has led me to understand the importance of being proactive and to this end I am committed to teaching these skills to children who are not innately armed with the tools needed to develop strong relationships, problem solve and conscientiously make the decisions needed during challenging situations. Utilizing strategic teaching, PRACTICE and ongoing feedback from trained mentors these skills will generalize in each child and provide long term benefits that last a lifetime” 

At the Bristow Center, we are able to focus on consistent small group 4:1 student: mentor ratio that will teach developmentally appropriate skills individualized to each child, while also exposing them to a developmental curriculum.

Professional Partners

Our slogan ''Be Social" encompasses our entire mission. We believe that Together we can support families and children and ensure that social skills are being taught proactively, and children are children are given all the tools they need to succeed.

Bristow Center & Educators:

The Bristow Center allows us to focus on the child and the family in a unique way, becoming a resource for the community and a bridge for educators and school districts to support social skills development and social-emotional learning as needed. This program is appropriate for both general education, special education, and anyone inbetween. We understand SEL is supported through the schools, and we only aim to assist as a liaison in a positive way. The benefits will increase on task behavior at school, lessen behavioral outbursts/frustration, and make children more available to learning and independent problem solving. It’s a win win!

Bristow Center + Community Professionals

This is in NO WAY a medically based approach to replace therapy or diagnostic labels, but what we believe is a supplement to further improve an area that needs attention for both parents and schools alike, especially considering the effects of the isolation that COVID-19 and the boom in social media have created.

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