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Applying Learning Strategies To Social Settings

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Unlocking Your Child's Social Potential

We begin with an Initial Social Consultation of your child and then place them in a small group which matches their current stage of growth.

At the Initial Social Consultation, we’ll also set up the sessions your child will be part of.

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Please set up an Initial Social Consultation by clicking on "Book Now" at the top. Select the Initial Appointment and schedule it. You'll then have an opportunity to register and pay through our secure server.

For the Initial Social Consultation, please select a time when at least one parent and the child are able to come to the Bristow Center.

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Developing Children's Social Skills In Small Groups


Brain Stormers

Active engagement in building self awareness, body awareness, and being able to understand and identify feelings &emotions


Brain Busters

Building on the Brainstormer foundation, here we will emphasize the co-existence and understanding of multiple perceptions in a social group and actively practice them in context--examining the motives of others while building better observational skills to interpret and respond utilizing both self awareness and external awareness.


Rocket Scientists

This is an ongoing evolution of refinement. Thef ocus here is Integrating all previously learned foundational skills to become more fluid. Active problem solving techniques will be practiced, emotional management, nuances of the social world will be explored, friendships, peer groups, higher level conversations and refining active listening skills.


Super Stars

At the end of this process, our super stars will be able to independentl yself monitor theiractions with others -- and their reactions to situations. Social skills are based on a continuum and it notonly applies to children with social deficits, but also building on life skillsthat will create young adults with more confidence, better leadership capability and improve relationships as they prepare for college and jobs.

Learn How We Teach and Mentor Social Skills for Kids

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Press Release

Certified School Psychologist Bari Bristow has launched the Bristow Center in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. After 33 years in public education and advocacy for families, she discovered that many children evidence social developmental gaps and are struggling with peer interactions and at an increasing rate... Read More >

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