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Our Social Skills Development Program

Learning By Doing -- Problem Solving Activities For Kids

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Equip Your Child With Lifelong Social Skills

The Bristow Center immerses peers into real-life scenarios to facilitate organic social skill development.

Who will benefit from this program?

Everyone! Any child 3-18 having issues communicating, connecting, and/or relating to others as a result of anxiety, low self confidence, learning disabilities, or ADHD.

Pillars of Our Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on a myriad of social concepts which all involve building skill sets within Internal Awareness of Self, External Awareness of Others, and Social Skill Integration -- the actual application and practice of the learned skill sets.

Curriculum Levels

A Bristow Center Head Mentor will consult, evaluate, and place your child in a class level within one of the four levels of our Curriculum. These levels aren't necessarily determined just by age, but ensure each member is placed both in a developmentally appropriate spot at the start and as they progress on their journey.

Brain Builders: These are our early learners that we emphasize building the core foundational skills for self-awareness, body awareness, and an ability to understand and identify feelings & emotions.

Brain Chargers: Here we emphasize the co-existence of multiple perceptions in a social group. The Brain Charger will learn to explore motives and feelings of others while building better observational skills.

Brain Solvers: Problem solving activites for kids techniques and a continued focus on emotional management are the key areas of focus.

Brain Operators: Members in this level will be able to independently self-monitor their actions and reactions with others as well as be able to communicate effectively. An emphasis on friendships and understanding social nuances will help develop better leadership capabilities and build strong relationships as they prepare for college and jobs.

Every class consists of a small group of up to 5 children and a trained social skills mentor where the group engages in 60 minutes of high-energy, fun activities focused on the development and real-life application of social skills.

Talk to Bari Bristow

Your Child's Journey to Engaging With Their Social World Starts At the Bristow Center --
But The Journey Never Ends

The skills learned at the Bristow Center will foster healthier relationships and general wellbeing in all aspects of their life.

Talk to Bari Bristow

Press Release

Certified School Psychologist Bari Bristow has launched the Bristow Center in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. After 33 years in public education and advocacy for families, she discovered that many children evidence social developmental gaps and are struggling with peer interactions and at an increasing rate... Read More >

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