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Transforming Family Dynamics: A Parent's Journey at Bristow Center

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We have three kids. And for our youngest daughter, our pediatrician actually recommended us here. So we were having a lot of behavioral issues at home with our youngest and our oldest and our middle child was picking up some of those tendencies as well. So we were looking for some help. So Bari has really been an asset for our family since we've been coming here, because really what's happened is it's taken each of our individual issues that each of our children have been having and tailored a program around them specifically to help them to overcome, you know, the social issues that they've been having or just dealing with their emotions in general. Our kids have been better at communicating their emotions and their needs at home and at the center. There's a lot of communication between us and with everyone here and understanding how things are going, where we need to work on things and even coming in and sitting down and making sure that having a plan to get really the best progress for all of our kids.

Every family faces its unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to managing children's behavioral and emotional development. At Bristow Center, we believe in providing tailored solutions that cater to the individual needs of each child. In this post, we share a powerful story from one of our families, detailing their journey and the transformative impact of our programs.

"We have three kids, and managing their needs was becoming increasingly difficult," shares a Bristow Center parent. The family's youngest daughter was struggling significantly with behavioral issues, which began to influence her siblings. Concerned, their pediatrician recommended the Bristow Center as a resource for specialized assistance. "We were looking for help, and what we found here was beyond our expectations," the parent adds.

Upon joining our community, each child received a personalized assessment to identify their specific challenges and needs. "Bari and her team have been incredible," the parent explains. "They developed a unique program for each of our children, focusing on their particular social and emotional hurdles."

The tailored programs emphasized emotional regulation and effective communication. "Our children have made remarkable progress in expressing their emotions and articulating their needs, both at home and at the center," the parent notes. This change has led to more harmonious family interactions and a significant reduction in behavioral issues.

"The difference is night and day. Our home is calmer, the kids are happier, and we feel like we're all moving forward together," the parent reflects. Continuous communication with the center's staff ensures that the family remains on track to meet their goals. "Regular meetings with Bari ensure we're always aware of how our children are doing and what we can do to help them continue this positive trajectory."

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