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Voices of the Center: Children Share Their Journey

Voices of the Center: Children Share Their Insights

What do you think about the center? I think it's a pretty cool place. So do I. Very nice! You do? So let me ask you a question. Have you, did you three know each other before you got here? No. And what has happened over the course of your time together? I'm pretty sure we know each other. Yeah. Do you see each other outside the center? Sometimes. Every once in a while. Sometimes on our birthday. Sometimes we meet up for Jefferson dinner. If everyone's free. That's amazing. Or they haven't eaten dinner beforehand. Next time on my birthday comes. Maybe Summer, we can enjoy it together. What do you, Julian? You can join too. Yeah. Do you think some of the skills you learned here have been helpful? Yes. Yeah. You do? Anything in particular that you can think of? I mean, I talk to people at lunchtime now. You do? That's amazing. So you like joining in the conversation? Yeah, I did less frequently before coming here. Julian, thank you for sharing. That warms my heart. Well, I just want you three to know I love you guys. And thank you so much for answering my questions. Thumbs up. Thumbs up! Two thumbs up.

At the Bristow Center, we not only focus on enhancing our children's social skills and emotional intelligence but also on building a community where they feel valued and connected. Here, children from different backgrounds come together, grow, and form lasting friendships. Let's hear directly from some of our young members about their experiences.

A Cool Place to Grow

When asked about the center, one of our young attendees enthusiastically calls it "a pretty cool place." This simple endorsement reflects the positive atmosphere we strive to create, one that makes learning and interaction something children look forward to.

Though they were strangers before joining the center, the bonds formed here are strong and continue outside our walls. "I'm pretty sure we know each other," says one child, highlighting how their relationship has grown over time. They meet up not just at the center but outside too, celebrating birthdays and even planning dinner outings when everyone is available. These moments are precious and show how our center extends its influence beyond mere skill development to fostering real social connections.

One of the most significant achievements any educational program can boast of is the practical application of learned skills. "I mean, I talk to people at lunchtime now," shares Julian, one of the children. This is a big step for someone who used to shy away from joining conversations. It's a testament to the effectiveness of our programs and the confidence they instill in our kids.

The conversation ends with a heartwarming note of mutual appreciation. "Well, I just want you three to know I love you guys," says the interviewer, affirming the emotional support that the center provides. The children respond with enthusiasm, "Two thumbs up!" signaling their positive feelings about their experiences.

The Bristow Center is more than just a place for learning; it's a community that nurtures young hearts and minds. The testimonies of our children are a profound reminder of the impact we can have on their lives, helping them not just to develop skills but also to build confidence and connections that enrich their social experiences.

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