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Breaking Boundaries: Joseph and Michael's Growth at Bristow Center

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There are many ways that I think Joseph and Michael have benefited from coming here. They exhibit much more confidence when they're talking to other people. They are learning better skills on how to interact with each other, with us and with their friends. One night when Joseph was here, he actually sang a song in the waiting room in front of everybody. And to do that, I never would have imagined he'd have the courage and the ability to do it. Bari has been an asset to Marian, to me and the boys. She checks in with us periodically. This way we share information and she gives us tips. In the very beginning, when Joseph started coming here. We were a little frustrated with Joseph back in school.And I think through the conversations, Barry continued to reassure us, You'll get through this. Just give us some time. He'll pick up his skills. He'll do what he's got to do and be successful. And finally, after coming here, I really do think he's hitting his stride in school and not stepping outside your comfort zone.

Confidence and effective social interaction are foundational skills that every child needs to thrive. At Bristow Center, our programs are designed to nurture these skills, as seen through the experiences of Joseph and Michael. Here's their story, shared by their parents, about the boys' journey of growth and newfound confidence.

Joseph and Michael have shown remarkable progress in their ability to interact with peers and adults alike. "They exhibit much more confidence when they're talking to other people," their father notes. A standout moment was when Joseph, typically shy, surprised everyone by singing a song in the waiting room. "To see him do that—I never would have imagined he'd have the courage," he adds, highlighting a moment of significant personal achievement for Joseph.

The boys have not only gained confidence but have also improved their social skills significantly. "They are learning better skills on how to interact with each other, with us, and with their friends," their mother mentions. Such improvements are pivotal in helping them build stronger relationships and navigate social settings more effectively.

Bari, a key figure in their development, has been instrumental in providing continuous support and guidance. "She checks in with us periodically, shares information, and gives us tips," the parents appreciate. This ongoing communication has been vital in aligning the center's efforts with the boys' needs at home and school.

Initially, there were challenges, particularly with Joseph's frustrations in school. However, through consistent support and reassurance from Bari, the family saw a positive turnaround. "Bari continued to reassure us, 'You'll get through this. Just give it some time. He'll pick up his skills,'" their father recalls. True to those words, Joseph is now "hitting his stride in school and stepping outside his comfort zone."

Joseph and Michael's journey at the Bristow Center exemplifies the transformative impact of tailored support and expert guidance. Their story is a testament to the potential within every child to overcome barriers and succeed.

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